Presented by FSAE Young Professionals Task Force


Speaker: Nancy Friedman


A lively and interactive session where attendees will learn how to bring out their personal best, and how they can recognize positive traits in their teammates.


How do you handle growth and change? What about bad news? Or, other obstacles that come your way? Does “Apathy” sound familiar? In this program, Nancy Friedman shares how to handle growth and change with grace, and uncovers the strategies behind these 7 leadership traits:


  • Choose Your Attitude In Advance
  • Visualize Success
  • Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Resist Negative Tendencies
  • Be a "Whatever It Takes Person"
  • Embrace Change; Expect It and Accept It
  • Be Grateful For What You Have


Nancy Friedman, founder and president of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. As many of our members know, she is an expert in her field on sales, customer service and communications skills. Nancy has been a 2-time National ASAE conference speaker as well as at the Florida & Missouri Association state meetings & hundreds of other association annual meetings throughout the years. Her passion, delivering ideas, skills, tips & techniques you can use immediately & forever, has helped thousands improve their communication skills. Nancy engages her audience with humor and original content. Author of 9 books (some of which she’ll be giving as prizes during her webinar) are filled common sense tips that are easy to apply. 

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April 18, 2018 1:30 PM Eastern
1 hour
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7 Traits of Being a Successful Leader
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