The FSAE Annual Conference gathers some of the best minds in the industry to provide excellent education for association professionals and our supplier members.

The "Taste of the 2013 Annual Conference" is a collection of five of our highest-rated sessions from 2013, including:

  • Enjoy the Ride, Steve Gilliland
  • Your Multigenerational Staff, Jeanna Mastrodicasa
  • CTRL+ALT+Delete, Holly Duckworth, CAE
  • Grow Your Organization, Kordell Norton
  • Legacy Gifts, Carolyn Fazio, ECAM
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July 11, 2013
Enjoy the Ride

Through humor and reality-tested techniques, Steve Gilliland reveals the way to face conflicting demands in an unforgiving business environment. He shows people how to ignite their passion and challenges the audience to never lose focus with an “explosion of enthusiasm” that is absolutely contagious. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on as one of North America’s premier speakers outlines a roadmap for success and shows you how to Enjoy The Ride.™

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Steve Gilliland   [ view bio ]
Your Multigenerational Staff

Over time, each generation brings new skills, perspectives, and challenges to the workplace, but sometimes those treasures need to be discovered.  Today’s youngest generation, millennials, are taking different approaches to problem-solving, communicating, technology, and decision-making than previous generations.  This session will provide a map of the latest trends of millennials in the workplace and help you navigate managing millennials in the workplace.

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Dr. Jeanna Mastrodicasa   [ view bio ]

At the 24/7/365 pace of life today do you feel your organization is spinning out of control?  Do you ever wish rebooting your organization was as simple as hitting CTRL+Alt+Delete?  In this session you learn simple strategies to build the future of your organization.

CTRL:  Tips to learn how to let go of control

ALT:  Look for alternate solutions to common problems  

Delete:  Delete all you thought you knew and create a new future.

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Holly Duckworth CAE   [ view bio ]
Grow Your Organization

Highly interactive, entertaining, and chalk full of ideas and practices that will grow your membership.  From the book of the same title this session will give you easy to use and creative ways to:
• Drive membership growth
• Improve retention
• Increase volunteerism
• Develop a powerful leadership team that is committed to succession and your success

Warning: This is NOT your usual breakout. You may suffer writers cramp from the massive banquet of great ideas.

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Kordell Norton CSP   [ view bio ]
Legacy Gifts

Discover how Legacy Gifts can help secure your association’s future.  Explore types of planned gifts and learn how to approach and encourage members – both elder and younger – to consider adding your organization to their personal retirement and estate plans.

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Carolyn Fazio ECAM   [ view bio ]
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