Dr. Ronaldo I. Archer (Ron) is the founder and chairman of the Dunamis Institute for Advanced Leadership Development and Managing Partner of Archer and Associates. He has spent the last 20 years writing, lecturing and researching the topics of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness.

Dr. Archer is a leadership and team consultant to Charles Thornton Personnel Manager of Air Force One, Four Star General B.B. Bell Commander U.S. Army, a plethora of Fortune 500 Corporate Executives, and several NFL coaches and players.

Ron Archer is the author of three books and his latest book, Dunamis, has been endorsed from Australia to Air Force One as the leadership book of the new millennium.

Ron Archer has been called the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of the business world by Corporate America because of his sharp intellect and electrifying speaking style that leaves audiences spiritually, intellectually and emotionally transformed.

Ron Archer has been awarded a "Telly" for the best television corporate leadership program of the year. He was also awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Leadership Award for his work developing emerging leaders around the globe.

Dr. Archer is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace College and St. Regis University. He was awarded a PhD in Organizational Leadership.

Ron Archer has been nicknamed the Maestro of Motivation by the National Speakers Association for his unique ability to energize, entertain and empower his audiences with transcendent leadership power for the 21st century.

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July 22, 2011
How to Build a Team from Imperfect People
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Dr. Ron Arhcer   [ view bio ]
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